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McKenzie and John Kaltner introduce readers to the content of the Old Testament and to critical methods developed to read it.

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Utilizing the finest modern On doctrinal changes and implications for religious practice in early Jainism. Attention to karmic bondage and liberation as evaluated in parts of the early Svetambara canon, Umasvati's Tattvartha Sutra and the major works of Kundakunda. Religions : case studies from many different This book offers a superb distillation of Buddhist belief, practice and art. The book presents a fascinating kaleidoscope of all aspects of Buddhism, including Tantra, Zen and the Pure Land beliefs of Japan.

The emphasis throughout is on the wisdom, From the heliocentric controversy and evolution, to debates on biotechnology and the environment, this book offers a balanced introduction to the key issues in science and religion. A balanced, introductory textbook which fully spans the interface between This filename was submitted by an external advertiser.

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  3. Disorder and Order in Strongly Nonstoichiometric Compounds: Transition Metal Carbides, Nitrides and Oxides.

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  • How to Name an Inorganic Substance. A Guide to the Use of Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry: Definitive Rules 1970;
  • Molecular Descriptors for Chemoinformatics: Volume I: Alphabetical Listing / Volume II: Appendices, References, Volume 41?
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  • Religions Open Web Book Archive. Over the course of a six The more my characters suffer and yet still hold on to their faith in Jesus, the stronger my own faith becomes. Walking with God is a beautiful thing, full of excitement and wonder and love, which is something I try to display in my stories. But writing about these things is also a way of experiencing them myself in fresh ways that never would have been possible in real life, and I find that those vicarious experiences draw me closer to God just as they would if it happened in real life.

    Another thing writing has done for me is that it encourages me to study the Scriptures more often than I might if left to myself. Part of what I try to do in my work is to teach my readers mostly kids some truths about God, and for that I have to study. They enrich my life as a Christian in all kinds of ways I never could have foreseen ahead of time. Do you have a favorite genre that you read?

    Mostly the same kinds of things I like to write. Science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and similar genres. I prefer Christian fiction when I can get it, or at least relatively clean stuff.

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    Other than that, I read a little bit of everything from time to time, even classics. I like Victorian novels and Romantic poetry, even Shakespeare on occasion. What do you like doing when you're not writing? I like to read, and fish, and spend time with my children. I like most of the things Zach and Cameron like, actually. Do you think you will ever write for adults?

    If so, what type of novel would you write or genre?

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    I like to think my work appeals to adults as well as to young people. A child can read it on one level as an entertaining adventure story, but there are always more subtle themes under the surface which are there for more experienced readers. Where did the idea for werewolves come from for The Last Werewolf Hunter series?

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    In your research on werewolves, did you come across any convincing evidence that they exist? No, but I have no intrinsic reason to disbelieve in such things, either. I wanted it to be a deliberate choice on the part of those who accepted it. If such things really exist, then that would be my best guess as to how they came to be. In Behind Blue Eyes, Book 2, you have the solution for the breaking of the curse something simple and biblical rather than something more spiritually complex such as what can be found in other Christian novels of similar ilk.

    What was your motive for this?

    This was mostly because I wanted to move gradually from simpler situations to more complex ones as the story progressed. I kept quite a bit of traditional folklore about werewolves, because it seemed to me that it added to the realism of the story. The story about the Beast of Gevaudan is also real, and so is Mont Mouchet and many of the other things.

    If any reader became curious and decided to look these things up on the internet, he or she would find plenty of background information, just as Zach did in the story. All the settings involved in the story are real, too, including Wolf Mountain, Coca-Cola Lake, and all the other places Zach visited.

    It was my intention to add the smallest dose of fantasy possible, to make the illusion stronger. Local people would have no difficulty instantly recognizing almost every place I described. You specifically leave out the blood and gore that typifies other werewolf stories. This seems to be appreciated by many readers even some who would not read other werewolf stories.

    What was the rationale behind this? There were a few bloody scenes when that was appropriate, such as when Cameron was shot in Behind Blue Eyes and when Gabe Garza attacked Zach in Truesilver. But I did try to keep it to a minimum. You have created a very convincing background to the Last Werewolf Hunter series.

    Some would call this world building where an author creates an infrastructure to make the world of the novel realistic, believable and credible for the reader. You have achieved these three criteria in The Last Werewolf Hunter. Did you find this difficult to develop?


    I can imagine that you would have also had fun doing this regardless! I did have a lot of fun with the world building for this series. The rest of it took several years of hard work, and even though it was mostly enjoyable it was never easy. One thing that became really difficult as the years went by was to keep my story straight. That puts some pretty rigid boundaries on where you can go with a story, and those boundaries narrow down still further with each new book that comes out because there are more and more facts that have to be conformed to. They get progressively harder to write every time.

    That was something I never understood until I tried to do it myself, but the challenge was fun. Nelson recorded the song during his stint with Monument Records , became his only single released by the label. While the release failed to achieve national success, it was well received in Texas. Nelson included it in several album releases.

    By early , Nelson left Liberty Records after the release of his debut album And Then I Wrote. At the time, Nelson was approached by Chet Atkins of RCA Records , who talked to him about the possibility of being signed by the label. Nelson decided instead to join Monument Records; the first session with the label, on July 6 produced by Fred Foster resulted in a failure. Foster's initial idea for the three-song session included French horns and xylophones. For the following session in the third week of July that produced "I Never Cared For You", Foster stripped the band down to a guitar , drums and a saxophone ; the musicians included classical guitar player David Parker , bassist Bob Moore , drummer Jack Greubel and saxophonist Boots Randolph.

    During the recording, Moore complained that Nelson broke meter and that he was impossible to follow. Foster, meanwhile instructed him to stop playing, told him that he would overdub the bass. The complex nature of the lyrics at the time did not favor its reception on the Country and Western market; the single flopped on the national market, while it became a local hit in Texas, enjoying major success in Houston. Allmusic staff. Rovi Corporation. Sachs, Bill. Scobey, Lola. Willie Nelson: Country Outlaw. Kensington Pub Corp. Thomson, Graeme.

    Willie Nelson: The Outlaw. Virgin Books. It has been associated with Ray Charles , a native of the U.

    an unclouded day Manual

    In , the State of Georgia designated it the official state song, it has been asserted that Hoagy Carmichael wrote the song about Georgia. But Carmichael wrote in his second autobiography Sometimes I Wonder that saxophonist Frankie Trumbauer told him he should write a song about the state of Georgia, he jokingly volunteered the first two words, " Georgia, Georgia Gorrell's name was absent from the copyright.

    Frankie Trumbauer had the first hit recording in Ray Charles, a native of Georgia, recorded a version that went to No. On March 7, , in a symbol of reconciliation in the aftermath of years of activism and national legislation resulting from the Civil Rights Movement , he performed the song before the Georgia General Assembly. After this performance, the Assembly adopted it as the state song on April In , Rolling Stone magazine named the Ray Charles version of "Georgia on My Mind" the 44th greatest song of all time; the song was a standard at performances by Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks where it was sung by pianist Richard Manuel after When The Hawks broke up and formed The Band, they kept the song in their repertoire, they recorded a studio version of the song for Jimmy Carter's presidential bid in It was released as a single that year as well as on their album Islands.

    Willie Nelson recorded the song on his album of standards. It was released as single, peaked at No.

    Unclouded Day

    A year Nelson won a Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance for his version; the original lyrics, including the excised introductory verse, are in the Georgia Code under license. List of s jazz standards Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics.